National Fuel Gas
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Projects and Initiatives

National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation is constantly seeking ways to enhance its system by developing additional storage capacity and deliverability as well as the additional transportation capacity, paths and interconnects that add value. As these and other pipeline and storage projects develop, details will be posted on this page. If you are interested in transportation and/or storage services not offered on this website, Shippers are encouraged to submit Service Request Forms for desired services.

Andrew Emhof
Engineer - Facility Planning
Interstate Marketing Department

Review of Appalachian Production Zones

National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation is reviewing the current structure of its Appalachian Production Zones (“App Zones”), and may propose to re-define them in order to properly integrate the App Zones with NFGSC system constraints.

Planned Modernization Project

National Fuel is considering a modernization project associated with its Line FM100 in Pennsylvania in order to allow for certain pipeline and facility abandonment. A new pipeline and appurtenant facilities may not reside in the same location as the abandoned facilities but will allow National Fuel's pipeline network to continue its contractual obligations with enhanced reliability. National Fuel recently received approval from FERC to begin the pre-filing review process for this project (FERC Docket No. PF17-10-000).

Line YM28 and Line FM120 Modernization Project

National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation plans to apply to the FERC for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity under Sections 7(b) and 7(c) of the Natural Gas Act for authorization to construct, operate and abandon various facilities in connection with its proposed YM28 and FM120 Modernization Project, which includes the abandonment of certain related facilities located in Cameron, Elk and McKean Counties, Pennsylvania. The project includes the proposed installation of approximately 14.4 miles of new 12-inch coated steel pipeline, as well as the installation of approximately 5.8 miles of 6-inch FlexSteel pipe via insertion into the existing 12-inch FM120 pipeline. Existing pipeline YM28 and a portion of FM120 are proposed to be abandoned in-place and/or held for future use. Affected shippers and interconnecting parties will be notified and arrangements made, as required. The target in-service date for this project is November 2018.

Production-Driven Expansion(s) in PA

Producers in central and western Pennsylvania are expressing interest in finding market outlets for their production. In light of this, National Fuel expects to have discussions with interested parties regarding potential pipeline expansion(s) to the Leidy area, as well as to other outlets with proximity to the National Fuel pipeline system.

Mainline Expansions

National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation is considering expanding mainline capacity through looping and installing horsepower on its various systems in the Marcellus Shale producing region to enable additional production to move to market.  Specifically, National has also been evaluating replacement of Line K in New York State.  This project would provide additional capacity from National Fuel's west side to the Buffalo market.

Deliveries to Transco Atlantic Sunrise Project

We are evaluating paths to move gas onto the Transco project that begins about 18 miles southeast of Leidy.

Line N Expansion

National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation is evaluating an expansion of it's existing Line N system to transport additional quantities of gas from Western PA to new and existing delivery points. The project would involve replacement of older pipeline, increasing the operating pressure, and/or installing new delivery laterals. Based on market interest. NFGSC is willing to pursue other opportunities in the Line N area, including but not limited to transmission, gathering, and processing. 

Production related expansions and existing capacity

National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation will work with producers captive to lower pressure systems by installing horsepower to move gas onto Supply's high pressure mainlines and on to other major interconnecting systems.

National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation has a number of existing gas compression and/or conditioning facilities throughout its system (including Eldred, Heath, Island Run, Kaylor, Knox, Lamont, Roystone, Sackett and Van). These systems have varying amounts of unused capacity or could be expanded with some capital modifications to these existing facilities. Please discuss your specific interests with your marketing representative.

Additional Projects to Canada

National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation is considering additional capacity from the Marcellus and Utica production areas to Canada via its existing pipeline routes.  Projects would involve pipeline looping &/or replacement, additional horsepower and enhanced border crossings.  Additional studies are anticipated.

Market Area Receipt & Delivery Interconnects

National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation will add market area receipt & delivery interconnects as requested.  We are currently evaluating a delivery interconnect between the Peoples Natural Gas system on Line N near the Pittsburgh Airport.  We are also evaluating a receipt interconnect at Lewis Run with Columbia Gas Transmission.  

West Side Dominion Interconnect

To alleviate excess production on the west side of its system (Line N and other lines west of Henderson) National will consider installing horsepower and establishing a new interconnect with Dominion Transmission on DTI's Line TL-400 where it crosses our system near Ellwood City.

Olean Area

National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation has considered expansions involving HP and or station piping that would enable additional volumes to flow from its Line K to the Olean area via the existing interconnect within the Limestone Storage Station.  We would also consider a high pressure line from the Line X system toward the east side of Olean.

Keelor Storage Expansion

National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation is considering a storage expansion/enhancement that would create up to 2 BCF of new capacity as well as increased deliverability. Currently investigating feasibility and permitting. These facilities are located in Western Pennsylvania.

Bennington/Holland Storage Expansion

National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation will consider a storage expansion/enhancement that would create new capacity as well as increased deliverability. These facilities are located in New York.

Ellisburg & Hebron Storage Base Gas Conversion

Currently being evaluated.